Limited Reservations

We are now a first-come, first-serve restaurant with limited reservations. We are no longer using the Beat the Wait feature, due to inaccuracies in the waitlist quote time. You may book a reservation up to one week prior. Click below to see this upcoming weeks open reservations.

What if my party is larger than 10 people?

Don’t worry, you can still utilize the online reservation for your party! You will enter your party as multiple entries e.g: For a party of 17 you will enter John Smith 1 – Party of 10, John Smith 2 – Party of 7. You will need to use different phone numbers/ emails for each entry for the system to recognize them as separate entries. Our largest table seats 10, so you party will be at multiple tables. We always try our best to keep your party is in the same area.

How can I get a reservation for future date?

We have the reservations set a week out.